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Everybody has pests insects or bugs in their home at one time or another in their lives. Some are easier to get rid of than others. Calling in a professional pest control company, generally means you are most likely to find a long lasting solution, rather than simply spraying a little insecticide yourself.

Bees And Wasps Control Services

Wasps nests can be handled easily if they are in the ground. It is simple enough to see where the wasps are entering into the soil. Then you just buy a puffer bottle of powder from the hardware shop, squirt it around the nest entrance and the wasps carry it in. What if the nest is up a tree, or under the roofing system of the house. Do you really wish to be up a ladder being stung by countless upset wasps?

Wasps are attracted to many types of food, they live on protein as well as sugars. Often people believe wasps eat just sweet food, such as fruit, sugary drinks, alcohol and sweets etc, although these foods are attractive to insect activity.

It is common to see them tucking into meat and pretty much anything they can get to. Therefore it is not just a case of removing the sweets from the picnic! The best thing to do if you are being overwhelmed in the garden is to watch them for a while and find where they are coming from, then call in a professional exterminator such as Local Pest Control Murray who will safely and effectively remove the problem.

How To Prevent Ants?

Ants are a pain in many houses. Finding the nest and pouring boiling water onto it might be really satisfying, but it will not eliminate more than a few thousands of the countless ants in the nest.

If you’re worried that you might be at risk from an ant infestation you can put in place some simple ant repellant and ant deterrent measures. The checklist below will help you keep your home or business free from ants, or make sure your infestation doesn’t grow.

Most ants only come into your home to look for food. They are attracted to anything that’s sweet and sticky, which is why you find ants in kitchen cupboards or areas where food is kept.

With that in mind it’s important to not leave temptation in their path. To get rid of ants you must remember to:

  • Clear up – food and liquid spillages immediately. Even the tiniest of crumbs is enough to attract an army of ants to your home! Ants are mostly attracted to sugary treats, sugar granules and crumbs from biscuits, cakes etc.
  • Sweep up – any food crumbs from under your kitchen appliances and units. Ants are always scouting for food sources and it only takes a couple of crumbs for them to notify their friends to come and help!
  • Store your food – keep food in airtight containers or bags and store them away safely in cupboards or refrigerators – not openly. Even refrigerator seals are no problem for ants! Fruit bowls with fermenting fruit should be emptied regularly.
  • If you have a pet – clear up your pet’s left overs straight away. Pet foods are also a food source that will attracts ants to your home. Be sure to clean the bowls after use too.
  • Block off – the entry points for ants by sealing all cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames by the means of silicone or acrylic where necessary. Check for leaks from time to time; ants will do anything to get to that crumb!
  • In the garden – make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids; ants can easily detect the left overs in your rubbish bins and won’t hesitate to check it out!

Above all, cover any food in storage areas – you don’t know where ants have been walking before they march across your food.

If after going through our checklist you still continue to suffer from ant problems our bespoke ant extermination and control service is designed to combat your Ant infestation issues with the most appropriate and effective control methods.

So call today Local Pest Control Murray to arrange an appointment.

Termite Inspection And Control Murray

Finding termites can be hard, yet locating where they lie is absolutely necessary to choose the right termite eliminator program. The traditional method is to tap on the wood with the back of a screw driver, or to poke holes into the walls or even pull them apart.

Annual termite inspections are essential for early detection of termite activity on any property. It will prevent the potential for large scale damage and expensive repairs. Our termite inspections also assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and ways to minimise the risk of attack. A great majority of homes in Salt Lake City are at risk from termite attack.

We recommend a competent pest inspection at least on an annual basis and in some cases more frequent depending on your risk of termites.

A comprehensive annual termite inspection by Local Pest Control Murray is the best protection against termites. It can detect termite activity and prevent long term damage to your property.

Most of our termite inspectors now have the use of up to the minute infrared termite detection system, which is fast, reliable and does not require any damage to your house.

Your local Pest control company is extremely discreet and can be contacted over the Internet, so your neighbours need not know that you have unwelcome visitors. After all, it’s not the type of thing anybody likes to promote.

For more info call our friendly Cockroach Infestation Salt Lake City  team on 0808 123456


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How to Solve Bed Bug Problems

By: Margaret Humphreys

In September, the National History Center of the American Historical Association held a Congressional briefing titled “Zika Virus: Historic Parallels, and Policy Responses.” At the briefing, Margaret Humphreys, professor of the history of medicine and Duke Global Health Institute affiliate faculty member, discussed the history of Zika’s mosquito vectors and the complexity of planning public health programs to counter disease-bearing mosquitoes. Humphreys has studied the history of mosquito-borne diseases in the United States and teaches a course at Duke on the history of public health in America. This is an excerpt from her talk.

What does it take to get a politician to vote to allocate money to control a given disease?

One category features infections that can be characterized as panic diseases. Two years ago, Ebola dominated the headlines, and SARS was scary in 2003. These diseases induce panic because the threat is broad — if anyone can get it, then everyone is afraid. And they are highly virulent, killing many people who fall ill. Gruesome symptoms, such as bleeding from eyes, vomiting blood, high fever and pain, grab the political imagination and raise an outcry from the populace.

In the case of yellow fever in the 1800s, people took the law into their own hands, turning back trains by tearing up railroad tracks or meeting arriving passengers with shotguns. The expense of this massive disruption of trade — many railroad companies just ceased operations during the peak panic — angered Wall Street, which in turn had a quiet word with Congress, which then legislated the first federal board of health in 1879, and later created the United States Public Health service to fight yellow fever as well as fend off immigrants who might be carrying cholera, typhus or tuberculosis.

Zika Doesn’t Elicit Panic

Zika lacks this panic component. Most people who get it are not very sick. They may have no symptoms at all, or merely a mild fever, faint rash, pinkeye, joint pains and headache. An unlucky few may develop a transient paralysis called Guillain-Barré syndrome, from which most recover. What makes Zika horrible are the birth defects that target brain development, leading to the deformed head that has become unfortunately familiar.

So far, most of the cases of microcephaly and other Zika-related birth defects have been in far away countries, although at least two dozen such babies have been born in the U.S. in the past year. Hundreds of currently pregnant women in the U.S. have tested positive for the virus.

A Brief History of Zika

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne flavivirus in the same genus as West Nile, yellow fever and dengue. Researchers first identified in monkeys in a Ugandan forest in 1947, and five years later, human cases appeared in Uganda and Tanzania. Since then, Zika outbreaks have appeared in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

In July 2015, Brazil reported the association with Guillain-Barré Syndrome and in October 2015 the association with microcephaly. So our knowledge of this disease, in the western hemisphere, is recent, but the fetal outcome has sparked public health alarm.

Baby with microcephaly (left) vs. baby with typical head size.

Health officials have been warning about the impact of Zika since early this year, and President Obama requested new money to fight it in February. This was not forthcoming, and the money that has been available has been shifted from other pots, such as the one for fighting Ebola. That money ran out at the end of September.

To Spray or Not to Spray

Still, state and local governments have begun the fight against Zika. Their principal tool, mosquito control, is both powerful and problematic. Aedes aegypti — the type of mosquito that spreads Zika — breeds in “clean water” so that it favors flower pots, bird baths and any sort of depression that holds water.

Aedes aegypti — the type of mosquito that spreads Zika — breeds in “clean water” so that it favors flowerpots, bird baths and any sort of depression that holds water.

So broadcast spraying or full house spraying — rather than finely tuned insecticide targets — may be attempted, which can scare people who don’t understand what is going on. When early 20th century New Orleans public health officers spread oil on household water barrels, local residents attacked them for poisoning their water. It’s not surprising that these alien-appearing workers scare modern people too.

Global spraying of insecticides from aircraft may be more efficient, but also more toxic to the environment. In the 1950s, DDT was sprayed to kill mosquitoes and crop pests, and Rachel Carson told us of the “silent spring” that followed, as bird eggs became too fragile to allow chicks to hatch. Last month, millions of bees died in South Carolina from planes spraying an insecticide against the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Further, the mosquitoes can develop resistance against insecticides, as happened with malaria mosquito spraying in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as with the Aedes spraying in Puerto Rico during the under-funded campaign against dengue over the past decade.

Education Campaigns Fall Short

A second mode of current attack against Zika utilizes the education of individuals, such as those public health officials are carrying on in New York City (NYC), Miami and elsewhere now. Central to the process is making people afraid of mosquito bites, which has been a hard sell historically. The U.S. Army created cartoons to convince World War II GIs to use mosquito repellant and bed nets, all in an attempt to ward off malaria.

During World War II, the U.S. government launched an anti-malaria campaign to convince WWII soldiers to use mosquito repellent and bed nets, but compliance wasn’t optimal. Humphreys wonders whether current initiatives to curb mosquito exposure in the wake of Zika will have similarly disappointing results.

Macho dismissal of the tiny nuisances, coupled with the discomfort of bed nets and the smelliness of insect repellents countered their efforts. In Miami, the appeal of open-air cafes and the cool night life, coupled with the knowledge that non-pregnant folks have little to fear, can create an apathetic audience for such messages.

Targeting the pregnant in particular has obvious difficulties, especially in multi-cultural locales like Miami or NYC, where outreach into such a personal time requires multi-language skills and socio-cultural training. In NYC, they’re urging women not to visit the Caribbean and Latin American countries that may well be their homes, and if they do, to use mosquito protection.

Compliance depends on the hearer trusting the teacher over, say, the information available from relatives, and sharing an understanding of modern biomedicine that may not be consistent with their own worldview. This is the most labor intensive form of public health campaigns, and it has been only partially successful in the past.

Addressing Sexual Transmission of Zika Is Tricky Territory

A further wrinkle in the Zika situation is that it can be a sexually transmitted disease. The CDC recommends that the sexual partner of a pregnant woman who has been infected with Zika use barrier methods like condoms to protect from transmission. But Zika can survive in sperm for at least six months, and the man may not even know he’s been infected. How people who live in Miami are supposed to reproduce is unclear.

The government has been trying to control sexually transmitted diseases since the Civil War, with heightened efforts in World War I and World War II, with varying success. Telling people not to have sex doesn’t work very well. Telling people to use barrier methods also has well-known problems — some see the promotion of condoms as the promotion of promiscuity and think abstinence is the only appropriate government message.

A Plea to Congress: Fund Zika Vaccine Research

We’ve fought an epidemic virus that causes birth defects in the United States before. Once rubella, also called German measles, was common in the U.S., and if caught by a pregnant woman could cause deafness, blindness, heart disease, decreased intelligence and other defects in her infant. The association of this minor form of measles with birth defects was recognized in the 1940s, and by the 1970s, vaccination against it became common.

Dr. Frances O. Kelsey, pictured here in the 1960s, spent most of her career at FDA overseeing scientific investigations of drugs.

As with rubella, a vaccine is the definitive solution for the Zika crisis, if we can get there. One estimate is that a commercial vaccine is at least two years away, if funding is restored immediately. Remember that it took six months to ready the H1N1 vaccine in 2009, and that was against a common organism — influenza — amidst a climate of high panic among parents.

In the early 1960s, a sedative drug called thalidomide was introduced in Europe and Canada, resulting in many deformed babies with flippers for hands and feet. But not in the U.S. An American FDA heroine, Frances Kelsey, paid attention to a few reports of birth defects that the sponsoring drug company tried to sweep under the proverbial rug, and refused to license thalidomide in the U.S. The thalidomide disaster has generated books and policy papers in thick piles.

Will Zika become the thalidomide crisis in this generation? Or will this congress, like Kelsey, step up to protect the unborn children of America from this destroyer of lives? I hope for the latter.

Margaret Humphreys is a professor of the history of medicine and Duke Global Health Institute affiliate faculty member. You can watch the briefing here.


Treatments for Tree Borers

Ant Control

Homeowners are occasionally plagued by multiple species of cockroaches ranging from the smaller, 1/2-inch German and brownbanded cockroaches that tend to inhabit buildings to the larger oriental, Turkestan and American cockroaches that measure 1.25 to 2 inches long and prefer outdoor habitats such as wood piles, storm drains, plant debris and vegetation, only venturing indoors occasionally and often singly. The most effective cockroach control program must include good sanitation and exclusion to prevent future infestations after the existing cockroach population is addressed using chemical controls such as baits and dusts.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sticky traps
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Baits (prefilled or refillable bait stations or gel bait and applicator)
  • Insecticidal dust with puff-type applicator, if needed
  • Store food in insect-proof containers and keep trash in lined containers with tight-fitting lids. Position trash cans, piles of newspapers, bags and cardboard away from doorways or other entrances or get rid of these excess materials that act as cockroach hiding places.

  • Address all sources of free moisture including plumbing leaks, excessive condensation and consistently damp areas in the landscape.

  • Clean up spilled food and drinks promptly and vacuum all debris out of cracks or difficult to reach areas. Do not leave pet food or water overnight, and empty small garbage cans and recycling bins into larger, sealed containers daily.

  • Seal all cracks or other potential entry points in the structure. Inspect and repair any weather-stripping around doors and windows.

  • Thin out or remove vegetation next to buildings to increase the amount of air and light next to the structure and remove wood piles and any other debris that could harbor cockroaches.

  • Set out and regularly monitor sticky traps in areas of suspected cockroach activity for several days before and after chemical treatments. This helps to determine the best places to set out baits and evaluate the success of treatments. When sticky traps lose their stickiness, dispose of them in sealed plastic bags.

  • Place bait stations in areas where sticky traps indicate roach activity or where roaches will find them when foraging or near hiding places such as near planters, water meter boxes, in cabinets, behind or under appliances and along walls.

    Alternatively, use a bait gun or syringe to force a gel bait into crevices or cracks through which the cockroaches are known to travel.

  • Blow an insecticidal dust that contains boric acid powder into cracks or lightly spread it as a thin layer of dust under sinks, in the panels of appliances or other places where humans will not contact it. This powder can provide effective roach control for a long time but will only work if it does not become wet.

  • Inspect cardboard boxes, containers, laundry and other objects closely for cockroaches, egg capsules or droppings before bringing any objects into the building.

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Bed bugs have pungent smell that is really unbearable for us and it leaves a sign of bed bugs. If a little baby bed bug is seen on the floor to walk after properly treating bed bugs may make you sincere of that the invading of bed bugs is not very far from your home. You are sure that they have made proper plan to enter into your house and be infested everywhere. Before they make any harm for you, just take some proper steps which will help to prevent from invading bed bugs and pest control service .

The steps goes for the bed bugs prevention and hold them to invade Into your house :

1. Inspect their presence: at first step you have to justify that there is really bed bugs in your house. If there you find any sign of walking bed bugs or their eggs anywhere of the house. At first take a proper look over the matter and find a source of the bed bugs before you make a proper treat of them. It might be caused if you do not care the reason of bed bugs invading in your house. The only preventing method will help you to kill the bed bugs but not to prevent from them for good. Sometimes they live inside the holes of walls mat, or in kitchen where they remain warmer and hidden themselves.

2. Take help of exterminators: the exterminators should be informed of this matter that treated your house for the first time infestation of bed bugs. So never try to think of changing your decision to prevent by yourself. Call a professional who know better ideas to prevent bed bugs. They will be able to inspect the real source of bed bugs and the rest baby bed bugs and their eggs. So the bed bugs will be no more to invade in your house and the things too. The professionals are very sensitive about this matter so take help from the pest control company professionals. But the matter cannot be longer before informing the pest controllers.

3. Do not make a pile of books or clothes: the piles of clothes are a matter of producing bugs inside your home. Also you can never forget to adjourn the books on the self and keeps the clothes in laundry for washing as soon as they are taken off from you. Bed bugs are not like others as we think of them to be and the more jumbled environment you have in your house the more safely they are able to live inside there. So be careful of creating piles of clothes and keep your room neat and clean thus you have no chance to invade the bed bugs.

4. Check Again The Mattress and Bed Frames : the mattress Is a great source of bed bugs. They loves to live in hot things and warm too as the lady bed bugs can easily lay eggs inside the mattress. The measurement of heat inside the mattress helps the bed bugs to live in comfort. So after treating bed bugs in your house you can check the mattress and bed frames after every week later to find any sign of bed bugs. While sleeping if there is any smell before your nose like bed bugs should be inspected to be sure. The professionals should be informed of the matter of bed bugs sign inside your bed frames and matters so that they can think over the matter to prevent bed bugs and let them never to invade your house.

Whatever the invading bed bugs may cause more infection to your house and people. So if there is any possibility of bed bugs coming back to your house takes proper step before they spread their signs all over your house. Our pest control company professionals are always ready to provide a better service to wash away the bed bugs from invading. They will use best techniques to hold the way of bed bugs getting inside your house. If you are sincere and wise then call pest conrol company experts before the same infestation happens to your house. Invading bed bugs will not get allowance if you are the right decision maker for bed bugs permanent treatment.